97Thghts or 97Thoughts is an producer, singer and songwriter from Europe. The sound of 97Thghts can be described as dark, ambient and mellow, although songs like 97 Weeks featuring American jazz artist Jason Hunter can be

labeled as more happy and uplifting. 97Thghts mainly operates in genres like Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB and Alternative. At the same time the instrumental production of 97Thghts extends to a wider variety of genres.

97Thghts has released multiple albums and a catalog of singles and has performed live on many events and festivals like Estonian Hip-Hop Festival. Aside from releasing own music, 97Thghts can be found in credits of many other songs where he has contributed as a songwriter, producer, sound engineer or advertising partner.


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Trap 4 Love (Album)

Trap 4 Thoughts (Album)

Too Much (Single)

Patience feat. Asena (Single)

Kilo feat. Yasmyn (Single)

The House (Single)

Know Thyself feat. KIROT & Three AM Fuxk (Single)

Morse Code feat. Black Shepherd (Single)

Let It All Out feat. Manna (Single)



97Thghts started dabbling in music around summer 2010-2011, but released his music under a different name. After years of studying opera singing, production and sound engineering, 97Thghts had developed into a more sophisticated artist and picked up the moniker 97Thghts.


Around that time he was working in multiple studios as an apprentice and sound engineer. That is when he got acquainted with a multitude of international artists with whom he started working as a producer.


After traveling around Europe and working with different artists, 97Thghts moved back to Estonia to focus on his own music. By the mid 2018, he came out with a debut album Trap 4 Thoughts / Trap 4 Love.


Currently 97Thghts resides in Estonia and works mostly as a sound engineer, songwriter and producer. Although there have been rumours, that new music is yet to be released.

Personal life

97Thghts was born in 1997 in Tallinn, Estonia in a multilingual family of advertisers and designers.