Who We Are

We’re an innovative digital marketing agency based in Tallinn, Estonia. We focus on modern solutions and unique approach to each project. We aim to work with businesses who are interested in survival and growth and are willing to embrace changes.

We employ a variety of talents who are handpicked for each individual project to bring the very best skills to the table and achieve the best possible results in every project.

Our Founder

“Coming from a family of advertisers, it simply feels right to carry on the legacy.”



We believe that in order to stay relevant in the world that is quickly changing, it's important to stay aware of the surrounding and to be able to adapt to anything that comes to light.


Our vision is to improve and optimise businesses in the current economy, helping them to dominate their market, make more profit and reduce waste.


We respect the privacy of our clients and the information they trust us with. Before any business is conducted, we sign NDAs in order to protect our customers and provide them with the best unbiased service possible.

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