The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

“My business doesn’t make any profit from social media.”
“I already have a Facebook page and it doesn’t help much.”
“Why do I need optimisation? “
The answer is simple – To stay relevant.
“But how can optimisation help my business be more relevant?”
Now that’s a good question that many people don’t ask often enough.
First lets answer the question “What is optimisation?”

Optimisation is a process of updating, improving and modernising channels and content. The goal of optimisation is to improve channels and/or contents visibility on social media and search engines, to make it fit modern standards, make it more accessible, appealing and trustworthy.

The quarantine has pointed out many businesses weaknesses and forced many to adapt be more active online. With that came the need to be more visible, more relevant and accessible to as many people as possible. As the competition got bigger, it’s no longer enough to simply have a Facebook page that has zero activity.

People spend a lot of time online. Most of them are active on various social media platforms and many of them use the same platforms to search for services, products, reviews etc.
If they for some reason can’t quickly access your businesses page on social media – You’re running a risk of losing a potential client. The reason for that is simple. As many popular businesses are already utilising social media for awareness and sales – People have gotten used to it and now they subconsciously expect every professional business to be present on social media. Many people use social media as a way to verify businesses and to weight their options. They use social media as a way to get to know the brand what it does and what it stands for. If your business is not on social media, you’re simply missing out on being seen by millions of people. Social media is also a place where many online communities reside, so creating a community around your brand can massively improve your relevance and visibility.

Optimisation allows you to stay visible, be more accessible and flexible, to be more relevant and gain trust of potential clients more easily. Optimisation will allow you to interconnect all of your social media accounts and websites and create a network of channels which will guarantee a positive impression on everyone who comes across your business.

Now lets conclude the topic.


Improves search engine ranking. Better search relevance. Influx of website traffic.

Better social media indexing. Improves competitiveness.

Responsive layout on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive layout on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Higher attention retention. Improves memorability.

Higher change for “bandwagon effect”. Authority improvement. Improved conversion rate.