Template Site Terms & Conditions

Templite Site Terms & Conditions

1. Consent

By purchasing a template website/e-commerce site from our e-store – you thereby consent to all of our Terms & ConditionsShop Policy and Privacy Policy.

When purchasing a theme from our e-store, please be aware of the products and services that are and that are not included in the packages.

2. Products & Services

Digital products and services included in Template Site packages:

  1. Page layouts & styles
  2. Fonts
  3. Plugins*
  4. Icons

Digital products and services NOT included in Template Site packages:

  1. Paid plugin licences
  2. Logo designs
  3. Multilingual translations
  4. SEO setup
  5. Domain
  6. Web Server & Hosting
  7. SSL Certificate
  8. FTP installation

Extra Services

If you would like us to offer you any of the services mentioned above – please let us know in the Order Note so that we can compile you an offer that would work for You.
If you have any questions or extra inquiries, please feel confident to call us on +372 5359 6529 or email us via aleks@planmarks.com